Saturday, April 23, 2005

I think it's time for another relationship. As if it were that easy.

Any person who would take a glance at my past "love Life" would probably think I'm insane, or at least marginally screwed up from past experiences. Problem is, all the troubles I had in the past, all the repetitive pain...doesn't seem to deaden the other feelings I had, not enough anyways. Even now I find myself at times lingering upon what once was, years later. Maybe it's the whole first love thing holding on or maybe it's just how I am, once I commit my feelings to someone they don't change, then again, perhaps I give myself too much credit.

I think it's time for another relationship because I'm curious. I think if I were to feel genuinely for someone like that again, maybe the first one won't hold such a grip on me. Might even feel normal for once, so that I dont stay so attached like this. Part of me is anyways.

Careful what you listen to folks, music has a way of bringing a lot out of you. I've many an album now that feel tainted whenever I hear them. A shame really.

Friday, April 22, 2005

"Father I will always be
That same boy that stood by the sea
And watched you tower over me
Now I'm older
I wanna be the same as

Good song.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Yeah, that's what I said.

Creeping through mist and wonder
Seeping through skin and bone
Expressed through vibration
Go with the flow
Rhythm and motion
Unexplainable paradox
That can consume a nation
Is just Musical Masturbation

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Shallow now the hollow
Darkened is the argument
One-sided conversation
Blinded just to everything
Unable to feel anything but what they want
Anything but what they need
To see the world in Black and White
Simple misconceptions
To see the world in Black and White
Dangerous and Ignorant
White on one and Black the other
Right and Wrong a wall divided
Never stopping
Never thinking
Never knowing
To see the world in Black and White
To see the world of You and I
Like nothing is a compromise
To see the world in Black and White

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Here's a new philosophy to think about for all those depressed, hopeless souls out there who whine and covort in their own world of sadness and regret and pain: Live.

This is in response to a particularly aggravating read from not-so-long ago, but it is directed at no one in particular and everyone else. To give in to one direction of life and say "that is who I am" and "this is how I was meant to be" is a cop out.

You know what you are? Young. You know what you're doing? Breathing. You know what that means? A helluva lot. Take a gander at the lives of millions elsewhere and just glance at its comparison to yours. Just for an instant. Young men and women dying younger than you for a cause and country they believe in. Hopeless millions born to hopeless lives of sickness and poverty. And then thousands of others who give up their life because they think it's just too hard.

Fucking Sickening.

Introspection is all well and good, a necessity even in the understanding of one's feelings and emotions. But just take a look outside your damn window for once, not to find some deep meaning in the leaves fluttering on the ground or to grab inspirato from the dreary clouds above. Look outside, just to look outside, then go there. Go live, go have fun, just fucking go.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Kyle and Comics? Oh my...

Friday, March 18, 2005


To look back at the past
Is like staring at the sun
Look too long and you’re blinded

Instead, just be assured it’s there
Warming you, lighting your way
Take a glance if you must, but only a peek
Because what’s in front of you is more important
Than what’s too far away to reach